I am heading through to Edinburgh this afternoon to see the exhibition Childish Things, curated by David Hopkins. I have a  pass to stay out late and am going to the talk called Playing and Reality at Fruitmarket – this is one of the events organised around the exhibition and is about play, children’s drawings, child psychotherapy and the psychotherapist Winnicott. Quite excited and looking forward to seeing the exhibition, as I have known about it for a while but just never had the chance to get through to Edinburgh.

Also just to say as well there are exhibitions about play at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Blueprint for a Bogey seems to be part of a zeitgeist moment on play. I particularly liked the one Where We Play in the alcove. It finishes this weekend so I might have to do another quick visit to see it again and see the messages that people have left about their memories of play.

Social Inclusion Coordinator, GoMA