Electrical Appliance, David Sherry, ink on paper, Image © and courtesy of the artist and Mother's Tankstation

GoMA’s Thursday Exchange programme presents:

Electrical Appliance, a new performance by David Sherry

David Sherry will be in GoMA, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow on Thursday 17 March with Electrical Appliance, a new performance in different spaces in the building. NOT TO BE MISSED

Performance times:

11 am – 12pm

1 – 2 pm

3 – 4 pm

Artist’s talk:

6 -7 pm

Electrical Appliance is Sherry’s first performance at GoMA and has been developed as part of the Blueprint for a Bogey programme. He challenges our acceptance of the mundane acts and objects we experience everyday, humorously questioning what we take for granted. In his work the boundaries of play, creativity and work cross over. His practice is varied and includes performance, photography, drawing and film. What unifies it is an ability to engage and entertain us through apparently routine everyday acts and ideas stemming from common experiences, while at the same time presenting us with unsettling observations that challenge our preconceived ideas of what is normal.  

David Sherry’s other works are in the exhibition in Gallery 3, including a drawing for this performance. This is one of two performances by Sherry that Glasgow Museums has just acquired for its collection, representing an exciting new path for aquisitions. This year of purchases/aquisitions has also included other key works from Blueprint for a Bogey by Sherry, Women@Play and Corin Sworn.

David Sherry will also be doing an artist talk, about this and other work, later on in the evening.

 ‘Despite the apparent conceptual complexity and seriousness of Sherry’s practice – his performances certainly mimic the deadpan seriousness, machismo and pseudo-science of 1970s actionism – his work is eminently approachable, engaging and masterfully humorous, while appearing almost casual it is darkly relevant to its place and time…. David Sherry (born Northern Ireland, lives and works in Glasgow) has made performance interventions throughout European artspace that have entered the mythology of urban legend. To name but a few; ‘Just popped out’ at Zoo Art Fair London, (2008), The Ikon Gallery Birmingham and De Apple Amsterdam. ‘Complaints Desk’, Lewis R. Glucksman Gallery, Cork, (2009),  ‘Lamp Performance’, Villa Concordia Bamberg Germany, (2008) and ‘Painted Hair’ at LISTE, Basel, (2009).’ Mother’s Tankstation, 2011