installation shot of Attention! by Corin Sworn with Nicolas Party and Ciara Phillips © and courtesy of the artists and Kendall Koppe

The Thursday Exchange, April Edition

Thursday 21 April

5.30pm to 7.30pm

Blueprint for a Bogey

5.30pm – Join a tour of Blueprint for a Bogey by the exhibition curator

6.15pm – Featured artists Corin Sworn and Nicolas Party talk about their work.

There will also be refreshments and an opportunity to network.

GoMA is pleased to present a talk for our April edition of the Thursday Exchange by Corin Sworn and Nicolas Party where they will talk about their work and more specifically Attention!.

The gallery is also excited to be able to announce that as part of GoMA’s recent acquisitions it has purchased key works from Blueprint for a Bogey by Corin Sworn, Faktura and Attention! (Sworn with Nicolas Party and Ciara Phillips).

Blueprint for a Bogey explores the right to play and is this being met for children, young people and adults. One aspect explored in the programme is how children’s play is questioned, interrupted and neglected. How do we create safe spaces for children that allow them the freedom to play and develop? We create spaces that minimize the risks they can take – they are wrapped in our concern for their safety and their play is couched in rules and regulations.

This idea is developed in Faktura and Attention!. Faktura flits between documentary and animation. The documentary explores an adventure playground in Berlin, Germany, which allows children to create the environments they play in. The animations, which interrupt this documentary, are experiments using shapes from a children’s pattern book. Attention!, which Sworn developed with Nicolas Party and Ciara Phillips, has taken its inspiration from safety books from the 1980s and questions the restrictions we are putting on play.

Further info:

Corin Sworn works in Glasgow and Vancouver, Canada. She uses a range of media including drawing, sculpture, video and installation. Informed by her background in psychology and her on-going interest in social and cultural anthropology, Sworn’s research-based practice investigates the notion of individual agency from a number of different perspectives. Her works have focused on subjective accounts of modernist architecture, utopian experiments in social development – including the implementation of alternative pedagogical models – and fictional narratives of youths in a state of rebellion.

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Nicolas Party lives and works in Glasgow. He is originally from Lausanne, Switzerland, and studied and worked there before moving to Glasgow and graduating from Master of Fine Art course at GSA. His work ranges from an individual painting and drawing practice to a collective based artistic activity, as well as independent exhibition’s curation

The Thursday Exchange programme of events aims to provide a welcoming, social and creative atmosphere in which anyone can enjoy tours, talks and exchanges with artists, curators, gallery staff and volunteers.