Installation shot of General Dynamic F.U.N, Eduardo Paolozzi© the artist and his estate

It’s been a while since the last post. That’s not to say things haven’t been happening it’s just almost too many things have been happening to post. On April 15 one of our Learning Assistants chose the next print in General Dynamic F.U.N. for display. It was easy enough for her as Liz Taylor had not long died so when she saw the print where Paolozzi had included an image of Ms Taylor she thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate her life.

installation shot of General Dynamic F.U.N. by Eduardo Paolozzi,© the artist and his estate

Other Blueprint for a Bogey things…

Well we are busy planning Up to Mischief which is part of this year’s Festival of Museums. I am hoping to post a final programme on the blog later this week but  at the moment we know there are several things afoot including a balloon making workshop, chain reactions, silly sports and den building in the portico.

A couple of the workshops run by our lovely Learning and Access Team have taken place. The Saturday Art Club made Miss Muffet bonnets and scary spiders while the GoMA Bites Adults session explored printing using Attention! by Corin Sworn, Nicolas Party and Ciara Phillips as a starting point.

installation shot of Attention! by Corin Sworn with Nicolas Party and Ciara Phillips© and courtesy of the artists and Kendall Koppe

I have been working with the University of the West of Scotland and International Play Association Scotland on a couple of seminars, one of which is coming up this week. I will put information about them in separate posts.
some young people were in last week to look around the exhibition and select the works they liked to talk about when they act as guides at Up to Mischief. They were brilliant and worked hard for the 2 hours they were in.. we even ran out of time  to finish their artworks.The young guides raised interesting questions about the work in the exhibition and all particularly liked Women@Play, as they were intrigued to see adults participating in the same games that they know and enjoy.


Women@Play, Image © the artists and Red Road Family Centre and courtesy of Glasgow Museums

I forgot to mention a couple of tours I have given as well. They have been small numbers ie: 1 & 2 people turned up but really interesting. One was with a dancer who was keen to chat about some of the ideas I had tried to develop in the exhibition, as they resonated with projects and interests he has been involved in. The chat with him lasted about an hour and it was great to explore ideas of Play and Dance which are not necessarily on my radar. The other tour was with 2 guys, one from the Basque Country and the other from Japan.. . a really lovely evening with them exploring ideas from different cultural backgrounds and generations as well, again that tour overran.

Social Inclusion Coordinator, GoMA