Installation shot of General Dynamic F.U.N, Eduardo Paolozzi© the artist and his estate

I can’t believe that there is only just over a week left before Blueprint for a Bogey finishes. The last four weeks saw the final few workshops, events and discussions, which I was hoping to post about shortly after they happened but the British Art Show 7 and the lovely project ‘From Govan to the GoMA’ had to divert my thoughts. I also met Calder Zwicky from MOMA, New York and spent over 2 hours sharing thoughts, practice and desires for the future and it was really exciting to share a number of key philosophies and approaches to community and engaged art practice with someone from another institution.

This post won’t cover the work and the discussions, but I will eventually update from them all. Also in addition to the work going on now Blueprint for a Bogey has also been a catalyst for future work, which I hope to develop with various partners and our Associate Artist, Rachel Mimiec (More about her and the Associate Artist role in another post). It’s at an exciting stage where there is a lot of potential. The other key thing that has influenced my thought this week is watching the BBC programme Poor Kids. I was really moved by the articulate and brilliant children involved. It’s also really relevant to discussions about children’s rights that I am having with various people at the moment. You can’t ignore what those children and other children say about their lives. (again more about that later in another post)

May saw the Women@Play seminar as part of the CRCEES Research forum programme of events. It was lovely to be able to talk about the work again with the artists, Anne Elliot and Rachel Mimiec, and June Aird from the Red Road Family Centre. It also reminded me how pivotal June was in the work and continues to be as we reflected on the project and work itself.

Once the British Art Show 7 opened we had the brilliant ‘masterclass’ that Ciara Phillips, Corin Sworn and Nicolas Party ran on Sunday 29 May. In true Masterclass style the artists crammed a lot into the session lot in terms of information about their work, practical techniques and approaches – especially in relation to Attention!. They demonstrated screen-printing techniques, giving advice and tips plus how to use the inks and pastes. Then everybody was able to have a go developing their own prints and the results were lovely – I have included several in this post.

masterclass 29 May

demonstrating technique

1st tries


final prints

final prints

The Masterclass participants included those with none or some printing experience and I have included some of the feedback below.

I enjoyed the experimentation of working with layers & working over the top of other class members’ work. The fact that we were using pre prepared graphics & working on top of each others work stopped me from being precious about the design and allowed me to learn more about effects and techniques through accidental experimentation.

For first screen printing workshop I thought the content was excellent.

I enjoyed being shown the whole process and then trying to work out how best to create my own design. I am motivated to try things at home now

I have really enjoyed the screen printing it’s a different medium to which I am used to. Useful technique to know. Fantastic day great information + practical skills