Attention! Corin Sworn with Nicolas Party and Ciara Phillips - all down and about to go in archive boxes


It’s summer and the weeks are flying by now. Blueprint for a Bogey was quickly de-installed on Monday 19 June by our technician. All except Attention! which I took down with our paper conservator on the Thursday. Attention! was really interesting to de- install as in some ways I hadn’t seen the individual works in amongst the group on the wall. There were certain prints that I didn’t recognise when they were off the wall and my favourite print by the end of the process was one that I couldn’t have told you was part of the installation.

Corin Sworn and Ciara Phillips came in on Friday to put the individual prints from Attention! into 3 groups so that we can store the artwork at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC)- our big museum store. We bought Attention! along with 3 of Corin’s other works Faktura 2008 (4 minute video NTSC);  England 1975 (Graphite on paper), 2005 and David Vetter 1972 -1984 (Graphite on paper), 2005. Corin and Ciara put the prints into 3 groups so that when it is installed again the curator can use 2 or more groups in the installation depending on the size of the wall. Once they had done that the conservator and I packed the works between acid free tissue paper in archive boxes ready for transit.

The gallery went from looking like this :

Blueprint for a Bogey installation shot

to this

Sherry and Rego packed

Goldsworthy's packed


Fagen, Paolozzi and David Sherry loans

The work went out to GMRC this Tuesday and the new acquisitions are in the conservation studio to be checked and documented and the other collection work is back in its pod.

Although the work is out of the building the ideas and themes that Blueprint for a Bogey raised are not. I have had various meetings over the last few  weeks to explore ideas around play and space over the last few weeks with the view to doing more work and hopefully an exhibition opening in November 2011. Which is actually not that far away! There will be more postings on those ideas when they begin to take shape more.

In between times there have been a few other things happening. I have uploaded Anthony Schrag’s tour that he did for GoMA and Up to Mischief. So you can now download this to your mp3 player, come to GoMA, print off the map below

GoMA map for Stirling's Demise

or ask for it at the front desk and do the tour for yourself.

There was a fantastic event at Yorkhill Hospital last week showcasing the work that the young people had been doing with GoMA Associate Artist Rachel Mimiec. This was shown alongside a project they had done with Paragon Ensemble and Michael Collin ‘Super Sonic Heros’. I also brought along work from our collection – David Shrigley The Door and New Friends (which was a first getting contemporary art out to a non museum venue so I was very chuffed).

The event was brilliant and the young people’s work moving and powerful. How they create and play in their environment is really exciting and there were some lovely works produced through that. We are hoping to show them in GoMA later in the year.

That’s it for the moment but I will update soon after the next few meetings about plans beyond Blueprint.