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It’s raining in Glasgow today … but luckily for us on Saturday the sun wasn’t exactly out but it wasn’t raining so we managed to do everything we had hoped for in Up to Mischief. There was a lot going on all day and much mischief around the building including POP, on both balconies which attracted young and old in to wile away the time popping bubbles. Gallery 2 was mayhem for a while with children making music and building in the soft play area but slowly drifted in quiet over lunch.. the young guides who had chosen 4 works from Blueprint for a Bogey were brilliant and gave various ‘alternative’ tours to people in the space.


There was also a line to follow round the building to lead you to different mischief…
The afternoon saw the silly sports based on David Sherry’s work and the Blueprint for a Bogey title. Developed by Anthony Schrag, these ‘races’ had children and adults sharing ‘bogeys’, shopping bag races and ‘guide your partner'(as they have a box on their head). Much fun was had and it was great to watch.
This is what the final programme looked like:

All Day Events


Screening of 'Der Lauf der Dinge/The Way Things Go', Peter Fischli and David Weiss

Screening of ‘Der Lauf der Dinge/The Way Things Go’, Peter Fischli and David Weiss

Gallery Two

Der Lauf der Dinge (which translates as The Way Things Go) became one of the best-known and most popular film and video artworks of the late 20th century. Using a large variety of household objects propelled by chemical and physical reactions the Swiss artists, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, recorded a spectacular and amusing home-made chain reaction in their studio.

Massive mischief

Massive Mischief

Gallery Two

Design and build a giant chain reaction, create the largest domino rally or build a house of cards.  Most of all have fun and play!  An interactive space for adults and children.

mini mischief

Mini Mischief

Gallery Two

Tumble amongst soft play, clamber and climb through tunnels and tents, build dens with cushions and boxes, and make music.  An interactive space for under 5s.

Create Space

Gallery Two

Explore our recently renovated family art space full of inspiring art activities, books and trails. Add yourself to the GoMA portrait wall, recreate a masterpiece and more!



Balcony Rooms

I always found bubble wrap to be more exciting than the art it is used to protect.”

Artist Anthony Schrag has transformed these circular rooms using packaging as the focus of the experience instead of the traditional artwork.

Stirling’s Demise (or the Ghosts of GoMA)

A 30 minute audio tour of the building, presented by artist Anthony Schrag exploring its past inhabitants.  A playful look at GoMA’s past!

Timed Events

balloon hat - though not as creative as some of those doing the rounds !!!

 GoMA Saturday Art Club

Studio, 10.30am – 12.30pm

A chance to get creative and messy as a family!  Design and build your own fantastic, colourful sculpture using balloons.

For 3 – 11 year olds and their families

Up to Mischief guides explaining about Attention!

Guided Tours of Blueprint for a Bogey

Gallery Three

11.00am & 1.30pm

Join young people Cloey, Zoe, Jade, Jamie Lee, Jason and Laura as they talk about their works in the exhibition


races 😉

Bogey Boogie

2.00 – 3.00pm Outside

A series of games designed by artist Anthony Schrag and inspired by GoMA’s current exhibition, Blueprint for a Bogey.  Free and fun for adults and children alike. 

Bogey making for families
Elsewhere as part of Festival of Museums Scotland Street School Museum had young people building bogeys and then a race in the playground.
Bogey making SSSM
start of the race
having a bit of a rest

All in all a fair amount of mischief was had on Saturday …..